All about the skull symbol

Many wonder which finger to wear their skull ring on. Fear not, the skull and crossbones ring means many things on the finger it ends up on. Browse this article and find out the meaning of each.

What does the skull ring say

The skull and crossbones is an emblem that represents a human skull over or covering. The skull ring represents danger, darkness, death, poison. The skull and crossbones man rings are in fashion. The skull has become a symbol to express rebellion or insubordination to the rules. Skull jewelry symbolizes toxicity, the emblem of piracy. As far as fashion is concerned, skulls are associated with gothic trends. We ask you to visite este sitio webfor more information Many military units with the skull and crossbones symbol on their uniforms or hats to intimidate enemies. The most famous skull and crossbones on the army side is the Totenkopf. This was first adopted in the Prussian and spread into the distinctive signs of the Nazi army units. For this reason, in the minds of most people, skulls are associated with something revolting, sinister. Because skulls and bones have a bad reputation.

The symbolic meaning of the fingers

When you wear skull jewelry on one of your fingers, it means something:

The thumb: Lung meridian. The finger of regeneration. Childhood sucks its thumb just to reassure itself. This ring would be worn more on the thumb by homosexual women. During the 19ᵉ century, when a woman wore the ring on her thumb, it meant that she supported the feminist movement. Thumbwearing is a sign of distinction.

Index finger: this is the finger of leadership and authority. Wearing a skull jewel means the conscious desire to curb one's ardor or assert oneself as a leader.

Major: This is the finger with which one gives the finger of honor. The finger of power and sexuality. It is the largest of the fingers and is located in the middle of all the others. The range shows a calm, sometimes indeterminate character. Cercla can also reflect an emotionally vulnerable person.

Ring finger: this is the finger of the wedding ring. It is the git that manages the relationship of the three energies of the human. If you wear it, it can signify a covenant with someone or a pact.

Auricular: it is the finger of thought and emotion. Wearing it on this finger shows your childish side taking over.